YP Carol Service 2011

‘The Right Shepherds’

Our YP carol service took place on 18th December and once again took the form of a musical. The children took part so enthusiastically and were fantastic! Reports indicate that the show was greatly enjoyed by both cast and audience.

The story followed a group of angels, led by Gabriel, who went in search of shepherds to tell of Jesus’ birth.

The first shepherds they found were the ‘lazy shepherds’ who preferred to lie back in their sun loungers and read newspapers than look after the sheep.

Then the angels found some ‘worried shepherds’ who were far too busy working to go and find some baby in a stable. Their tax returns were due, and they hadn’t even washed their socks!

The third field they came to contained some ‘daydreaming shepherds’. As their name suggests these shepherds weren’t paying any attention at all to the sheep, instead they were far too busy thinking about fast red sports cars and sparkling jewellery.

By this point the angels felt like giving up – which is hardly surprising! Even the narrators weren’t sure what was going to happen!

Luckily Gabriel managed to convince them to keep going and in the last field they finally found some ‘good shepherds’. These shepherds listened to the news and immediately headed to Bethlehem to find this new born baby king.

Fantastic news! So the shepherds found baby Jesus in a stable in Bethlehem. God had sent His son to save them – and to save us. Whether you’re a king, a shepherd, or something in between: remember that Jesus came to Earth for you. He is the reason for the season.

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