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The Salvation Army has had a presence on Guernsey since 1879. It’s a holiday island and over the years has been popular with many honeymooning couples.

William and Catherine Booth, the founders of The Salvation Army, celebrated their honeymoon on Guernsey in 1855 and William preached in the Clifton Hall, which at the time was a Methodist chapel.

In 1879 that same hall came under the ownership of The Salvation Army and became known as St Peter Port Corps.

It was from the work started at St Peter Port Corps that two further openings were commenced in the 1880s – Grandes Rocques Corps, now L’Islet Fortress, and St Sampsons Citadel.

St Peter Port Corps with its impressive frontage standing above the St Peter Port Harbour
St Peter Port Corps (church) of The Salvation Army with its impressive frontage standing above the St Peter Port harbour
L’Islet Fortress Salvation Army
L’Islet Fortress

St Sampsons Citadel (Now known as St  Sampsons Community Centre)

The façade of St Sampsons Citadel (now
known as St Sampsons Community Centre)

Active in the community
Today The Salvation Army remains active on Guernsey with two Corps (churches) while the former St Sampsons building has been turned into a Salvation Army community centre with a charity shop and café which is run as a combined project from L’Islet and St Peter Port.

People cram into a pack hall, with flags and bunting, for Liberation Day Service
Thanksgiving service on Liberation Day

Celebrating Liberation Day
This year Guernsey Salvationists were pleased to welcome The Salvation Army’s international leaders General Shaw Clifton and Commissioner Helen Clifton to the Island. In May, the Island celebrated its 65 years of Liberation from German occupation and General Shaw Clifton was the invited preacher for the ‘People’s Service’ in St James Concert hall.

To a capacity congregation of ecumenical representatives and Islanders, the General highlighted some of The Salvation Army’s involvements during the occupied years that shaped some of the history of the Island. The General challenged the congregation to keep pure hands and hearts as they serve the Lord and bring today’s generation of Islanders to Christ.

As the Salvation Army remains active and strong in its work and witness on Guernsey so we continue to always let the Gospel of Jesus Christ motivate us in all we do. We’re pleased to have contact with new people and love to welcome visitors from around the world who holiday on Guernsey. So please come and see us – we’d love to meet you!

Captain Jamie Hill and his wife, Captain Claire Hill, are Corps officers (church leaders) of The Salvation Army’s L’Islet Fortress Corps on Guernsey

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  1. The photograph of the St Sampson’s Fortress looks remarkably like what I remember from my childhood visiting the island of the L’Islet citadel. My mother, Millicent Reed, and her family were Salvationists there. I believe her father, James Reed, was instrumental in establishing the Salvation Army in L’Islet. He came over to the island from the Isle of Wight. My paternal grandmother, Harriet Judd, later Harriet Fisk, was the Captain of that Corps sometime prior to 1935, but I don’t have dates. If anybody could give me dates for these different grandparents’ involvement, I’d be really interested to receive them.

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