New Site for The Salvation Army in Guernsey

Welcome to the new site for The Salvation Army in Guernsey. Following a restructuring of the leadership for the Army in the island the three centres in the island have come under sole command of COs Majors Jamie and Claire Hill (formerly COs of L’Islet Corps).

This site brings all three centres in the island together in a single web presence, and will bring together all TSA news for the Island.

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  1. Saddened to read that Clifton Hall is going to be sold. I was enrolled during the 1970s in St Peter Port whilst working on the island. My wife and I still soldier at Kilbirnie Corps in Ayrshire, Scotland. Surely Clifton Hall is a landmark on arriving in St. Peter Port? Presumably the current Salvationists on the Island will also have views on this whether it’s best to use new premises or retain older links?
    Meanwhile I can only trust in God to guide you in making the right decision re halls and their usage.

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