Parents, Toddlers & Babies


On Tuesday mornings there is a special Parent & Toddler Church Session for all pre-school-aged children and their parents, where a Bible story and theme related craft and singing is provided.  This runs during term time from 9:30am to 11:30am.  Toast and juice is provided for the toddlers, with tea / coffee for the adults – all for the low cost of £1.50 per child.

Once the story, craft and singing has been done, and snacks and drinks enjoyed, the last part of the session provides the children and parents time to interact with the rest of the group and play together.  There are lots of opportunities for the active children to move among the large selection of toys and equipment .  An area is set aside for the younger children and this includes appropriate toys designed for stimulating the babies interest.  In the good weather there is also an outdoor play area in a safe astro-turfed enclosure.

For more details contact the Officers.