TSA Japan Appeal

Japan Disaster Fund

The Salvation Army in Japan is responding in the aftermath of the devastating earthquake and tsunami. Emergency relief teams are working with people in areas affected and one team is assisting people who have been evacuated from areas where there is potential danger due to damage to nuclear power generation stations.

Support – financial and practical – is being offered by The Salvation Army around the world and to help with the massive needs identified, The Salvation Army International Headquarters in London has established a Japan Disaster Fund to assist with work on the ground.

Please help…

Postal donations can be sent to
‘The Salvation Army,’
c/o Bethel,
Houmet Lane,

or sent to
‘The Salvation Army,’
The Japanese Disaster Fund,
Fund- Raising & Marketing,
The Salvation Army Territorial Headquarters,
101 Newington Causeway,
London SE1 6BN

Online donations can be made at https://secure20.salvationarmy.org/donation.jsp

For further information look at http://www2.salvationarmy.org.uk/uki/www_uki.nsf

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