Newest Soldier in Guernsey Corps

Kevin Childs was enrolled as a Soldier of Guernsey Corps on Sunday 1st November by Majors Jamie and Claire Hill.  Kevin spoke of his journey of faith and how the Lord has increasingly led him to become a Soldier during the past two years.  He spoke of his faith increasing and his dependance on the Lord growing.  He spoke of how he relies on the Lord and how the fellowship of the Corps has encouraged him greatly.  Major Richard Gaudion who flew over to surprise his brother-in-law, was asked to offer prayer to seal Kevin’s commitment to the Lord.  Kevin chose the band piece ‘Days of Elijah,’ the songster song, ‘The Saviour Sought and found me’ and the congregational songs, ‘The Potter’s Hand’ and ‘In Christ Alone’ which have all helped him to grow in his faith.  Kevin was supported by his wife Meryl, his children Harry and Benjamin, his Father-in-law Marcus Gaudion and the his friends in Guernsey Corps who all have promised to pray for Kevin in these days.
Major Jamie Hill, Kevin Childs & Major Claire Hill.

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