New Commitments

Brian, Pearl and Pat with RS John Mahy and Joy Mahy

The harvest weekend saw the enrolment of Brian and Pearl de Jersey as Soldiers, and Pat Pratt as an Adherent of L’Islet Fortress Corps.  Brian and Pearl began coming to the army twice a month after their Methodist chapel changed the times of their services.  After some time they decided to make the Army their church, speaking of the welcome and fellowship they had experienced at the Corps.  Brian wanted to become a Soldier and Pearl attended the Battle Order sessions with him as he prepared for Soldiership.  Although, Pearl did not want to become a Soldier for the obstacle of giving up alcohol, through prayer she was made ready and took this step with Brian.

Pat came to the Army though the work of the St Sampson’s Community Centre.  She spoke how God had worked through her life ten years ago while her mother had been very unwell.  More recently she attended the community centre and began helping in the shop.  She took part in an Alpha Course run at L’Islet by the Community Centre Manager, RS John Mahy, and soon began regularly attending Sunday worship.

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