Guernsey Sings Gospel

The eagerly awaited visit by the leader of the Oslo Gospel Choir, Tore Aas, took place at L’Islet SA Hall.

Over 70 voices and musicians, from 19 different Churches plus others not affiliated, assembled for a Gospel Workshop from scratch.

From the moment Tore introduced himself and they sang the first song
the atmosphere was electric. The sheer beauty of the 4 part harmony set the tone for the whole of the 3 sessions.

A large number attended the Audience participation Concert and were treated to a high standard of Gospel singing and the opportunity to join in the singing.

Many lead singers, with minimum tuition took part with a 13 and 12 year old drawing the most applause.

The weekend finished on the Sunday Morning with a ‘Joyful Praise’ service
the presence of the Holy Spirit was felt by many worshippers, prompting a number to remark ‘Why can’t Church always be like this?’

Tore Aas created a great impression on everyone and promised to return in 2 years time, many remarked at the standard of singing achieved with such a short period of rehearsal. His genuine love of the Lord sood out in everything he did and his testimony and wonderful experiences with the Oslo Gospel Choir were both moving and inspiring.

If only the travel from Norway to Guernsey were not so expensive he would love to bring the Oslo Gospel Choir. Has anyone got offers of sponsorship?

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