Divisional Envoy Appointed

Majors & Divisional Envoy

Divisional Envoy John Mahy with Majors Claire and Jamie Hill

Members of L’Islet and St Peter Port Corps’ have welcomed John Mahy as Divisional Envoy with responsibility for assisting Majors Jamie & Claire Hill (CO’s) with the ministry and pastoral work for the Island.  John was pleased to accept this commission as Divisional Envoy to assist the Corps Officers with the ministry and in his testimony spoke of God’s calling in his life when he was aged 6.  Since then John has devoted his life to the Lord’s service and has served Him in many ways and sees this new role as part of that calling.  As well as Corps members from L’Islet and St Peter Port Corps’, members of John’s family were present in the meeting to witness John’s commission.

D E Comm 3 24 - 11 13 (2)


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